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A Brief Introduction to Nanjing Denenloo Wax Museum
- Apr 11, 2018 -

The Nanjing Denenloo wax museum is the first tourist attraction in the whole country, which is the first to gather celebrities, star, wax art exhibition, high-end leisure bar space, and art derivative display.



The entire exhibition area is about 2000 square meters. The part of the exhibition of the wax statue art: It integrates the historical periods of the world, the outstanding people, the great men, the stars and the local people in various areas of the world. It is divided into "great science and technology", "great love Jinling (Qinhuai, the Three Kingdoms Hall)" "," film classics "," Music Tour "," sports giant "," world style "," world style "," the Republic culture "," fashion frontier "and other major types.





The new concept space of the leisure bar will create their exclusive city life philosophy for everyone who knows how to enjoy life. In this space, the space can not only indulge in the high quality England or Belgian wine, but also inadvertently encounters the edge of intoxication and encounter the star celebrity wax figure art carefully arranged by the designer. A trance, a date with Monroe, a drink with Picasso and Einstein, a month with Su Shi, a conversation with Hollywood, or a reminiscence with Proust.