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A Brief Introduction to London Wax Museum
- Apr 18, 2018 -


London Wax Museum, built in 1835, the founder of the French Strasbourg city of Madame Tusa, so also known as "Madame Tussaud's", has been nearly 200 years of history. The wax museum is near the Chinese Embassy on the side of Regent park. 250 wax sculptures of world celebrities are often shown here. The proportion of portrait to life size is the same, and hair, skin color, clothing, jewelry and even manner are very realistic.


The first exhibition hall of the London Wax Museum is a series of wax statues showing the life of medieval England. Among them, there is a girl in bed with a sick bed. The second exhibition hall is a famous gallery of entertainment and sports. Bailey, Ali, Chaplin, the Beatles, and so on, are all welcome to the visitors. The third exhibition hall is a "phantom", exhibiting the wax figures of killi V Richard, Elvis and others, with glittering lights, music and chemical smog, making wax like a joyful song and dance.