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2018 China (Huian) International Sculpture Art Fair held in November.
- Sep 26, 2018 -

The 2018 China (Hui'an) International Carving Art Exposition (hereinafter referred to as the Carving Exposition) will be held on November 9-12, 2018 in the world stone carving Capital Exhibition Center - Hui'an Carving Arts and Literature Creation Garden.

On the basis of the successful holding of the previous several exhibitions, the Expo will further publicize Huian's name cards as the "Capital of the World's Stone Carving", enhance the fame and international level of Huian's carving brand, continue to strengthen the technical exchanges, industrial docking and business cooperation between Huian and other parts of the world, and promote the inheritance of Huian's carving culture and carving creativity. Industrial development. Focusing on the theme of "embracing the world's stone carving capital, chasing the Millennium carving dream", this paper puts forward the loud slogan of "letting Huidiao go to the world, letting the world know Huian", and strives to create a high-standard exposition of "high-quality display specialization, platform exchange internationalization, marketing cooperation marketization".

The Expo covers stone carvings (stone tablets, architectural decorative stones, ornamental stones), wood carvings, jade carvings (including jewellery) and other carving handicrafts and equipment, raw and auxiliary materials. It is a carving exhibition at home and abroad. The total area of the exhibition hall is 30,000 square meters, and the indoor exhibition hall is 20,000 square meters, with 600 standard booths (including 120 international booths); and the outdoor exhibition hall is 4,000 square meters, with 200 booths.